Goal.com Poll: Premier League Winter Break - A Good Idea?

Goal.com invites the readers to weigh in on Alex Ferguson's recently idea for a winter break in the English Premier League to bring it into line with Spain and Italy...
The Manchester United manager issued his thoughts on taking some time off over the depths of winter and instead lengthening the season:

“I've thought long and hard about this and I have a plan,” said the Scot to his official club magazine.

“You could keep the Christmas fixtures as they are but stagger one round of 10 league matches throughout January.

“Three games could be played on the first weekend, another three on the next weekend and the final four on the third weekend. TV broadcasters wouldn't lose out because they can show matches each weekend - and players could rest.

“Also, last season the league finished on May 11. Why can't we extend it until the end of that month and take two weeks off in January? The weather is better in May and there's no issue with worn-out pitches in modern football.”

In Spain and Italy they take time off in winter - albeit over Christmas and the New Year, but what Ferguson suggests is yet to be implemented in England. The staggered January round would be unique, but would still constitute a break for most clubs.

What do you think? Is a winter break a good idea? Or would extending the season play havoc with summer tournaments and even the Champions League final? Click here to vote and we'll look at the results tomorrow.

--Goal.com team