Poll Results: Bring Back Moggi!

The readers have spoken, and incredibly enough a convincing majority feel that Luciano Moggi should be welcomed back by Juventus with open arms...
Goal.com reported yesterday that the disgraced mastermind of 'Calciopoli' could find a way back into football sooner than expected thanks to a legal loophole.

We then asked the readers whether or not it would be a good idea for Juventus to seek his services once more. The results may surprise you.

71% voted in favour of Moggi making an incredible return to the Old Lady. Chris from HK said:

"Yes, I believe that it is a good acquisition for Juventus. Sure, its not a player, but it's a step forward for Juventus. His skill and talent in the transfer market is undeniable. The likes of Cannavaro, Thuram and Zambrotta. That alone shows the ability of this man, surely Juventus would be stupid to reject a man of such talent. His past taints him, but that is the past, and people should look forward. If Moggi is willing to go, and Juventus is willing to take, it may mean that the club will be taking a huge step forward."

Sempre Juve from Malta added:

"Moggi is one of the most experienced people in the world in terms of transfers. He would an asset for any team. Also with all eyes on him it would be difficult for him to do anything illegal."

Hamsik said:

"I don't care about the past and what he did. I look at the facts, and facts are that this man is a brilliant, foxy, very skillfull businessman, and simply the best at his job. I think one must be simple-minded to let it pass if you have the possibility to aquire the very best."

However, there were dissenting voices even from among the Juve faithful. Of the 29% who argued against Moggi's return, Berthel from Denmark put it:

"What is wrong with you people? Yes, he did bring us a number of quality talents -some of them can be found in the starting 11 today - but he (and I mean HE) was the one who broke the rules, and was the reponsible for Juve being unable to play in CL for 2 years and had to start over with almost a new team ! He is responible for all the respect Juve has lost, and for the sacrifice that players like Nedved, Buffon, Del Piero etc. had to make for the club. So, Moggi: never come. back! You have given us much, but you have taken more away than you have ever given. But I still support all those who wants Secco out :)."

Varun Sadh added:

"Even though the current management and owners are rubbish to say the least, Moggi is really not a solution. He has a tendency of not retaining Juve youth players regardless of how good they are. He is definetely a dishonest man and will in all probability resort to unfair means. The solution would be to sack the current board and reach out to former Juve legends in the rebuilding of the club. I would recommend the following: President - Bettega, CEO - Jean-Claude Blanc (should stay away from footballing activities), General Manager - Gianluca Pessotto & Director of Sport - Pierpaolo Marino."

Bashar from NJ summed it up simply:

"I don't think any club should take him. The taint of Calciopoli will follow him everywhere and affect any club that takes him on."

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--Goal.com team