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Former Moroka Swallows coach Julio Leal’s pursuit of a settlement from his contractual obligations at the Dube Birds remains unresolved in the PSL Dispute Resolution boardroom.

The Brazilian coach is fighting tooth and nail to get the equivalent of two years worth of salary from Swallows who fired him just a year into his three-year deal with the club.

The sitting for the case has already been postponed at least three times but is now scheduled to resume on October 12 at the PSL offices.

Julio Leal insists on a settlement of at least R1, 5 million while Swallows are believed to be keen on paying him much less.

Word from the authorities involved in the case is that the matter appears to be settled this month with Swallows lawyers and Leal’s legal representatives having already presented their arguments to the PSL conveners.

Leal – who is still in the country – has already made it clear that he is looking at first settling his contractual dispute before taking up any job elsewhere.

Word reaching from the dispute resolution board is that the 58 year-old is pursuing a breach of contract matter while the club insists they were within their rights to show the coach the door after a dismal run in the League in which they finished outside the top 8 bracket despite winning the Nedbank Cup.

Peter Pedroncelli,