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Some members of Moroka Swallows’ technical team and some players didn’t receive medals when the team won the Nedbank Cup, and they are unlikely to receive one.

Now the Dube Birds’ CEO Leon Prins says he has asked the PSL to provide more medals to make sure everyone in the team is covered.

“I have ordered 10 more to make sure everyone gets them. It’s not good that the captain and coach didn’t get them. I also don’t have one, nor do some other members of the team, and that’s why I ordered more.

“I don’t know how much 10 more medals will cost, but I will pay for them,” Prins told

However, PSL General Manager Ace Ncobo says they will not entertain Prins’ request.

“The competition rules are clear,” Ncobo says. “We only give 35 medals to the winning team and that’s what we catered for, and unless you want to give medals to tea ladies and gardeners, 35 is enough!

“We believe the 35 medals we provided are adequate to cover the playing and technical team. The spirit is to honour people who brought the Cup home and beyond 35, it means you are also giving medals to players who didn’t even play a part in the competition, and therefore the competition risks losing its value and significance,” Ncobo adds.

Ncobo’s comment puts Prins between a rock and a hard place, because he told they have no intention of taking the medals away from those who already have them, that’s why he is trying to get more.

According to information on Swallows’ website, the team has 32 players and nine technical team members, which brings the number to 41 in total, excluding the management team.