Egypt to prosecute 75 people for alleged involvement in Port Said tragedy

The individuals will stand trial for their alleged roles in the North African nation's worst football tragedy which saw 74 supporters have their lives taken away from them

Egypt's prosecutor general referred 75 people to criminal court on Thursday in connection with a football riot last month in Port Said that left 74 people dead after a match between Al Masry and Al Ahly.

Among the 75 suspects is Port Said security director Issam Samak and six of his colleagues as well as Al Masry general director Mohsen Shetta. Two other Al Masry officials, Mohammed Al Barnass and Taoufik Malkan, were also included.

The prosecutors allege that the officials and the local security forces colluded to allow fans to storm the pitch and also turned the stadium’s flood lights off purposefully to aid in the mayhem. Charges against them include premeditated murder, beatings leading to death, destruction of public facilities, and causing of public disorder.

In a statement released by the prosecutor’s office, it was also revealed that two minors are to be sent to juvenile court to stand trial for their part in the incident.

Today’s highly anticipated announcement coincided with a march by Egyptian activists and football fans from Al Ahly headquarters towards the general attorney's office in downtown Cairo to demand swift justice in the case.