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The NPL has given the go ahead to clubs to shop for new players in order to bolster their teams for the season

The Nigeria Premier League transfer window opens after this weekend’s round of matches.

According to Tunji Babalola, the acting executive secretary of the NPL, clubs are required to register new players to fortify their squad if they so wish.

He said that the exercise will afford the clubs the opportunity to reinforce their playing staff for subsequent matches before another transfer window in the middle of the season.

"This is a good time for clubs that have been complaining about their players to sign new boys that will help them in the season,” Babalola told

"I know that a lot of these clubs would want to sign some new players, but we have told them that their list of players will not exceed 35.

"That is the maximum number of players that any club can register. From Monday we expect majority of the clubs to start registering the new players," Babalola said.