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The NFF says that Caf promised it the hosting right in the case of any country being unable to fulfil its mandate and that Libya has no right to pass the rights on to South Africa

The Nigeria Football Federation has challenged the Confederation of African Football (Caf) to its right to host the African Cup of Nations in 2013 in the situation that the rights will be taken away from war-ravaged Libya.

Media reports on Thursday claimed that Libya had exchanged its right to host the tournament in 2013 with South Africa, which was scheduled to host the tournament in 2017, subject to Caf’s approval.

In a release on Friday, the NFF said that Caf has held back on ratifying the swap and will now make an announcement next month.

“The hosting rights of all Caf tournaments are duly awarded by the Caf Executive Committee, at sessions designated for such, and not subject to barter by nations. The Caf Executive Committee will decide at its meeting coming at the end of September 2011 which nation will host the 2013 African Cup of Nations, should Libya be deemed unable to,” Caf general secretary Hicham El Amrani wrote to the NFF.

Nigeria are insisting on a Caf executive resolution in September 2006 that put them on standby for any of the countries hosting the tournament.

“In the resolution of the Executive Committee, conveyed to other members, bidding nations and the media in the Caf Auditorium on 6 September 2006, the following decisions were made:

 - that Angola be granted the hosting rights to the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations;

- that the bid of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon be granted but pushed forward, such that they can jointly host the 2012 edition of the competition;  

- in the same vein, Libya was called upon to host the 2014 edition of the competition (now put back to 2013, following a Caf resolution in 2010);

 - that Nigeria be given full support by Caf, towards the bidding and hosting of the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2009;

- also that Nigeria be prepared as a standby host, in the event of any of the three aforementioned hosts not being able to host the tournament."

The NFF has said that since Libya will not be able to host the tournament, it reserves “the right to step in and start making preparations to host a successful competition in 2013.”

The last time Nigeria, twice champions, hosted the tournament was in 2000 alongside Ghana who have since hosted again in 2008.