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Former Chilean football legend, Ivan Zamorano, admitted that the current Argentine national team are weaker than those of the past, and because of this reason Chile have great possibilities of claiming the three points when the teams meet on Wednesday...

Ivan Zamorano, formerly of Real Madrid and Inter Milan, affirmed to the press that Alfio Basile's current Argentina squad are a team who at times depend too much on their individuals, such as players like Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero.

"This Argentina are more vulnerable than others," Zamorano told La Tercera, in an aim to gather optimism amongst the Chilean public.

"I haven't seen Argentina, as a team, too good when working together. Their game is based on the work of individuals, with this they make all the difference," added the former Chilean international.

Zamorano believes Argentina depend too much on Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, and he insists Chile have to close him down immediately if they don't want to experience serious problems.

"When they (Argentina) have problems they give the ball to Messi so he can solve them. We can't let him turn around and take on players," he explained.

"We have to take the ball away from them, we can't let them play the ball around, because they are very dangerous when they have the ball," he concluded.

Gregory Sica