Player Ratings: England 2-1 Ukraine

Don Fabio's lions maintained their perfect record in the group stage in a close encounter.'s Sulmaan Ahmad rates the players...


David James (6): Didn't have much of anything to do for the entirety of the game. Made one parrying save in the second half and picked the ball out of the net in the second.

Glen Johnson (5): Couldn't follow-up his promising showing against Slovakia in the competitive arena. Had less scope to make impact going forward and had some shaky moments in possession.

Rio Ferdinand (6.5): A routine showing in which he was required to do very little and did so to a satisfactory standard.

John Terry (7.5): It wasn't quite a vintage performance from the captain. He lost out in an aerial battle with Chigrinskiy - albeit the ball in was sublime - and this led to Ukraine's goal. He made up for it by netting the winner from close range late in the day.

Ashley Cole (5): One of his worst performances in an England shirt for a long time. He is the only man to play every game under Capello, but gave the ball away on repeated occasions and made numerous gaffes that could have cost his side, but fortunately for him, did not. His saving grace is that he at least made some decent forward runs.

Aaron Lennon (6): A lot more like the frustrating Aaron Lennon that fell out of the England fold as a youngster two years ago. Some promising runs, but too many disappointing crosses and touches at key moments.

Frank Lampard (5.5): Started better than he finished. Had a few decent shots and was tidy in possession but failed to stand out. He was also guilty, to an extent, of standing off his former Chelsea team-mate, Andriy Shevchenko, who hammered home the equaliser.

Gareth Barry (5.5): Another who failed to replicate his performance against Slovakia. His lack of a natural inclination to sit deep in midfield was at times exploited when Ukraine had more space than they should have. His passing was not quite up to scratch, either. Didn't impose himself on the game.

Steven Gerrard (7): Blossomed in the first half as he did on Saturday, linking up exceptionally well with Rooney, showing great touches of skill and proving impossible to contain. In the second, he was far more restricted and regimented in his role as left-winger, which reduced his impact. He nevertheless ran off Milevskiy late on to get the ball across goal for Terry to win the game.

Peter Crouch (7): Did well to spin and volley in the opening goal, afforded plenty of space in which to do so by Ukraine. His contribution was otherwise solid in its link-up play but fairly limited.

Wayne Rooney (8.5): He did it again. Rooney was playmaker-in-chief where Lampard was not, even ball-winner in midfield when Barry needed the assistance. His passing was exceptional, his movement always posed a threat and what's miraculous is that he played no significant part in either of his side's goals.


David Beckham (7.5): The man comes with a guarantee. On he came and in went a goal from one of his free-kicks. He as much as anyone won the game for England. Showed good touches throughout and played some devious balls during his brief cameo.

Shaun Wright-Phillips (n/a).

Phil Jagielka (n/a).


Andriy Pyatov
(6): Wasn't really any busier than David James at the other end. Was powerless for both goals and only made a handful of routine saves.

Grygoriy Yarmash (5): Troubled by Gerrard and Rooney early on, but to his credit, grew in strength as the game went on.

Dmytro Chigrinskiy (5): Was a solid and imposing presence at the back on the most part and played a minor role in Ukraine squeezing back the goal they did, but he allowed John Terry to get in front of him to score the winner when there was bedlam in his own box. A crucial blip.

Taras Mikhalik (5.5): A reasonably strong showing in which he did not find himself overrun, but he did tend to struggle tracking runs, in the first half in particular.

Vyacheslav Shevchuk (7): Did a good job of marking Aaron Lennon, staying wide with the wing-man and starving him of space whenever he could.

Oleksandr Aliyev (8): Ukraine's best player, showing good touch and creative flair. Delivered a beautiful free-kick into the box that led to his side's equaliser.

Anotaly Tymoschuk (7): Didn't start as well as he would have liked and it showed because his side suffered without his dominance. As he got better, so did they. Made several great challenges, doubling up in defence and chasing down the wingers.

Valentyn Slyusar (5): Found the game passing him by and was eventually given the unenviable task of man-marking Wayne Rooney. It didn't go too well.

Serhiy Valyayev (5): Was as good as anonymous for the duration that he was on the pitch. Failed to get any space and play his game.
Artem Milevskiy (6): In the first half, he caused Ashley Cole a few problems when he peeled off to the right and made some good runs, but he drifted out of the game in the second half. He was out-muscled by Gerrard from the late set-piece, allowing the Liverpool captain to get in front of him and set up Terry.

Andriy Voronin (5.5): Did his fair share of running, but was not given much service and thus his impact was limited.


Andriy Shevchenko (7.5): A dream return to England for the former Chelsea man. He may have flopped in a blue shirt, but in his native yellow he was as deadly as ever. He had one chance when the ball dropped to him in the area and he finished it perfectly. Also struck a good free-kick late on, but it was held comfortably by David James.

Sergiy Nazarenko (n/a).

Maxim Kalinichenko (n/a).

Sulmaan Ahmad,