Evander Sno spends night in hospital after on-field heart scare

The former Celtic and Ajax man fell to the ground in a Dutch league match, but was able to walk off the pitch thanks to the instant use of an internal defibrillator
NEC midfielder Evander Sno spent Saturday night in hospital after suffering a heart scare in an Eredivisie match with Feyenoord, and on Sunday night was able to return home.

The former Netherlands youth international slumped to the ground in the 34th minute of his side's league clash at De Kuip, clutching his chest and raising the alarm from nearby players.

However, with the aid of his defibrillator and the club's physio, the 25-year-old - who has a history of heart problems - was able to walk off the pitch only moments later.

"Evander had a cardiac arrest which was followed by a shock from his internal defibrillator," Feyenoord doctor Casper van Eijck was quoted as saying by Reuters.

"And the shock is what he felt and that terrified him, which I could see in his eyes on the pitch.

"He was transported to a hospital because the defibrillator caused arrhythmia [an abnormal beat of his heart], so he has to stay there for the night."

Sno was fitted with an internal defibrillator after he previously suffered a cardiac arrest in September 2010 during an Ajax reserve game, when he was revived using an external implementation of the device.

NEC coach Alex Pastoor denied these claims of a cardiac arrest, branding it as "village gossip", before adding: "We do not know what the situation is.

"Sno was not feeling well, so as a precaution he was taken to hospital for further diagnosis."

NEC lost the game 5-1, with Lex Immers scoring a hat-trick for Feyenoord.