'Only Bayern can afford success' - Rummenigge slams PSG spending model

The Allianz Arena director has hailed the Bundesliga's financial leanings and believes Europe's big spenders cannot sustain their cashflow
Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has hit out at the likes of Paris Saint-Germain for their excessive spending and feels only his side can afford to be so successful.

Rummenigge believes the Bavarians are the only top team in Europe making more money than they spend and he is proud of the financial model that's being used in Germany.

"The Bundesliga's financial model works very well. We do not spend more than we receive," Rummenigge was quoted as saying by Kicker.

"The Premier League will remain the number one league, but even if we cannot catch them, the Bundesliga is still a great example of 'affordable football'. We have to stay on this sustainable path.

"A club like Paris Saint-Germain have a €300 million payroll including taxes. It's impossible to finance that.

"Bayern are the only top 10 club in Europe making a profit. We are the only team that can actually afford our success."

The reigning Bundesliga champions recorded a record €432.8m turnover in 2013.