Lahm plays down doping impact

The Germany international feels there are certain aspects to football you cannot improve upon, yet insists that the matter cannot be ignored
Bayern Munich defender Philipp Lahm has stressed that football should take the doping problem seriously, but believes performance enhancing drugs are less effective in football than in other sports.

The likes of cycling and sprinting have been plagued by doping scandals in recent years and Lahm feels it would be wrong to think there is no use of prohibited substances in football.

"I am not naive when it comes to doping. There have already been doping cases in football and this could happen again," the Germany international told Spiegel.

"There is a big difference with other sports, though. Understanding of the game and technique are vital in football and you cannot improve those areas by using doping.

"It's reassuring that you can play football at the highest level without the use of doping.

"I am all in favour of fair play and against cheating in any form. I would be perfectly fine with it if an anti-doping law would be put into place."

Lahm underwent six doping tests during Bayern's treble winning 2012-13 campaign, two of which were unannounced and conducted at his home.