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The jailed centre-back will begin his reintroduction to society by taking coaching sessions for FCB's second string and he may even get the chance to play

Ex-Bayern Munich defender Breno is to link up with his former employers to take up a coaching role with the reserve side during his day release from prison it has been revealed.

The Brazilian was sentenced to three years and nine months behind bars back in July 2012 after being convicted of arson having set fire to his rented villa.

However a spokesman for Stadelheim prison in Munich, where Breno is serving his sentence, revealed he was due to start day release and that the former Sao Paulo player will be aiding Dremmler Wolfgang in his role of Head of Youth Performance at the club.

“With this step, Breno has the chance to re-integrate himself back into society as soon as possible,” the spokesman told Focus magazine.

The representative from Stadelheim prison went on to deny that any offer of work had been made to Breno by either Nuremberg or Sao Paulo, as had been reported, stating that, “this was never the case".

There is also an opportunity that Breno could potentially end up playing for Bayern's second string while on release, as the defender has done his best to stay in shape while on the inside.

“Breno is as fit as a prison inmate can be” added the spokesman.

The defender will still be expected to return to the prison in the evening to sleep and the prison is aware of how important it is to protect the former professional during his initial release.

“We must be able to protect Breno from the media frenzy.”

The prison’s decision to grant Breno day release has come amidst calls for him to be released entirely, including a plea from Brazilian national coach Luis Felipe Scolari, who suggested the player should be allowed to return to his native Brazil only last week.