Rummenigge pushes to abolish Bundesliga summer break

The Bayern Munich chairman says the league should get rid of their summer break in order to begin preparing for sweltering weather conditions expected at the Qatar World Cup
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is in favour of changing the Bundesliga calendar in order to prepare players for World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The hope is that by playing through the summer months, players will get a small taste of the extreme temperatures the nation experiences in June and July.

“From May to August is when we do not play football in Germany, although these are the months with the best weather. A change could be an advantage to us,” he told Die-Welt.

Another possibility being discussed is moving the 2022 World Cup out of the summer months in order to avoid sweltering temperatures.

And the Bayern chairman would welcome a change in schedule to avoid the poor weather during the winter months.

“The football family is united. Either pausing in January and February or in October and November, I can see in this model as an opportunity for the Bundesliga," he explained.

“We would prefer to pause when the weather is bad here."