'The Premier League is only the best league in Asia' - Breitner

The German has launched a scathing attack on English football, saying it has ceased developing in recent years compared to the Bundesliga
Former Bayern Munich player and pundit Paul Breitner has slammed the Premier League and believes the Bundesliga has overtaken it to become the world's leading championship.

The 61-year-old ex-West Germany international, no stranger to controversy, has labelled the English top-flight as stagnant and concerned only with marketability.

With no English involvement in the semi-finals of the Champions League, but the possibility of two German representatives, Breitner is adamant that the Bundesliga is now the best league in the world.

"The Premier League used to be the best national league in the world until 2009," Breitner told ESPN's Bola da Vez in Brazil. "The Premier League is now only the best league in Asia.

"Which English team is still in the Champions League? None. That's because they have stopped improving, they have stopped developing their league a few years ago.

"They sat on top of the money and they said 'That's it'. They don't think about which players they could take there in order to improve their teams and the level of their football. They only want players with a name, to catch attention.

"The Premier League is out, totally out. The Bundesliga is now the best league in the world."

Breitner also lauded the competitiveness of the Bundesliga and praised the German football experience, ridiculing the stadia of England, Spain and Italy.

"If we talk about the Premier League, we talk about the big four," he continued. "Now, without Liverpool, it's the big three. In Spain, you have the big two. In the Bundesliga, we have the big two, but our other teams are in a great international level.

"This is all part of the development of the German football as a whole. And we're going to keep getting better and better, because of how we sell football.

"Starting with our stadiums. We have the best, most moderns, most comfortable arenas in the world. Go to England... It's laughable. Go to Spain... Laughable. Go to Italy... Oh my God!

"We knew, since 2006, that we'd need to do a lot to improve our football. Now every stadium is full, every match is sold out. And this will only improve."