Draxler: Schalke will win the league soon

The Germany international midfielder thinks his club have the ability to win the league title in the coming seasons

Schalke midfielder Julian Draxler says he is "100 per cent" convinced that his club will win the Bundesliga in the near future.

Schalke are sixth in the league this season but the Germany international insists it will not be long before they become champions.

"At some point Schalke will win the Bundesliga 100 per cent. We will do everything to make sure it will happen rather sooner than later. Schalke is such a big club - there's no way around becoming champions someday,” he told Bild.

Draxler added that, as a fan of the team he looks forward to the derbies with Borussia Dortmund more than any other game.

"I will always stay a fan of Schalke! It's a matter close to my heart," he continued.

"I've never been to Dortmund apart from playing football there. The derby electrifies the whole region. For me, it's the most terrific derbies of them all, I grew up with it.

"If we'd lose both derbies, but win the title, I'd sign that. Other than that, a season with two derby defeats would not be a good one.”

Schalke play Dortmund in Gelsenkirchen on Saturday.