I will only accept roles of director and coach - Magath

The former Bayern boss has laid out his intentions to only work as both a sporting director and a coach in order to retain complete control over the team
Former Wolfsburg coach Felix Magath says he plans to continue only accepting roles that combine the job of sporting director with coach.

The 59-year-old has previously been at the helm of Bayern Munich, Schalke and Werder Bremen and has three Bundesliga titles to his name.

Magath, who was employed at Wolfsburg until his sacking last October, told Hamburger Abendblatt: "I want to take full responsibility for my decisions.

"That, however, is only possible if the responsibility for the team is given to a single person.

"If something goes wrong in a football club, it's always the coach who gets sacked, never the manager."

Magath also admitted that he thought footballers did not have to work as hard as other sporting stars.

"I would never demand the same workload from footballers which Olympic athletes voluntarily tie themselves to.

"These top athletes train up to three times a day, starting at six in the morning.

"Now try to apply this pattern to professional football players - you can consider yourself lucky if the police doesn't arrest you!"