Klopp: Bundesliga most attractive league for fans

The Borussia Dortmund head coach concedes the German top flight is not the best league in Europe, but insists it is the most entertaining division for spectators to view

Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp says the Bundesliga is more "attractive" than La Liga, Premier League or Serie A for fans to watch.

The German top flight recently took a Champions League qualifying place from Italy and has three teams in last 16 of this year’s tournament and four in the first knockout round of the Europa League.

And the BVB coach thinks it is not only an entertaining division for fans to follow, but it is very competitive, too.

"It is fantastic for the spectators. It is not the best league, but it is the most attractive in Europe. It is doing well financially, and the competition is very fierce,“ Klopp told El Pais.

He also revealed the major differences between him and Joachim Low, coach of the Germany national team.

Klopp added: "The difference is the mentality of the coach. We, the club coaches are busier. I'm more temperamental than Jogi but that is my problem, that I am very emotional."

The Dortmund boss also indicated he admired the Real Madrid squad of 2010-2011, suggesting, with a few changes they could have been a "perfect" team.

He continued: “The Real Madrid from a couple years ago inspires me. I thought at the time if this footballing potential adds a defensive plan, it is the perfect team."