Recovering Vukcevic only allowed family visits

The Hoffenheim midfielder is finally on the road to recovery after he was involved in a horrific car crash almost eight weeks ago
Boris Vukcevic's Hoffenheim team-mates are still forbidden from visiting after he awoke from his clinically-induced coma on Friday.

It was announced that the 22-year old is now responsive to familiar voices, approachable and has been communicating with his parents - Sonja and Dragan - but they have remained strict over the visitations to their son.

"As long as the parents say that it is not sensible to visit we will respect that," Hoffenheim chairman Dietmar Hopp told Bild.

"The doctors have told us that is not suitable for us to visit at present and so have the parents, so we will accept their decision."

Whilst he was happy about his recent speed of recovery, he admitted that it would be a while until Vukcevic is fully stable, concluding the interview saying: "It is still a long way, but we are hopeful."

Vukcevic has contributed to five games this season for his club, who sit in 14th position in the Bundesliga with 12 points from as many games.