Babbel says recent criticism of Tim Wiese 'sucks'

The German coach has hit back at those who disparage the newly signed goalkeeper and says that the team needs to defend as a team if they want to stop conceding so often
By Hassan Haji Talib

Hoffenheim trainer Markus Babbel feels that people have picked on his new signing Tim Wiese just because he is a big name player and also believes that his team need to defend better as a unit.

The former Werder Bremen goalkeeper let in 11 goals in his first three league games before he picked up an injury but his coach believes the player is working hard and should not be blamed for the team's defensive record.

"It just sucks sometimes. It sucks just because Tim is a player who always gives 100 per cent. He is always working hard in training and in games he always tries to give the best possible performance," Babbel said in an exclusive interview with

"He is just the one with the biggest name [in the team] and the most famous. He gets a lot of media attention and that is not fair sometimes."

The German coach went on to say that he wants to see his team work as a unit when defending and have a good balance between attack and defence.

"We need to work on how to achieve a balance between offensive and defensive work. But we also need to distinguish ourselves as a side that lives up to expectations," Babbel added.

"In games we do not recognise danger soon enough, we are too carefree. We must consistently work as a team to defend. Everyone must be ready to give it their all defensively."