Uli Hoeness: Low should thank me with a bottle of champagne

Die Roten chief has reflected on the recent back-and-forth between him and coach Joachim Low, saying that his comments have helped die Nationalelf improve
Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness refuses to back down after his recent criticism of the Germany national team and striker Miroslav Klose.

The 60-year-old is adamant that his statements have helped die Mannschaft evolve into a better side, and thinks that coach Joachim Low should be thankful for them.

"If Jogi Low is honest, he should have already sent me a bottle of champagne. Because what I said is a big help for him," Hoeness told Abendzeitung.

"I have only said what he actually should be thinking already. I think internally he will be saying, 'He [Hoeness] is actually right, but he shouldn't have said it'."

The Roten chief then went on defending his previous statements, claiming his accusations were just "a hint, maybe even a desire" rather than an attack.

Finally, he also clarified his comments on forward Miroslav Klose, saying: "If there is somebody in this world who disagrees [on Gerd Muller being a better striker than Klose], then I don't understand the world of football anymore. It was a simple fact."

Germany are currently getting ready for their World Cup qualifying clash against Sweden, which is set to begin at 20.45CET.