Netzer: It has become more difficult for guys like Miroslav Klose

The former German football legend believes that the fluid style of nations such as Spain has made it harder for the Lazio striker to succeed
Former Germany international Gunter Netzer believes that the current evolution of international football has made it harder for players like Miroslav Klose to shine.

The 67-year-old, who won both the European Championship and Fifa World Cup with West Germany in the early 1970s is of the opinion that the success seen by the likes of Spain and FC Barcelona has made it hard for the 'classic' striker.

"The fact that Miroslav Klose [is] currently the only striker in the squad of the German national team could be an indication of future development in international football," Netzer wrote in his blog on Bild.

"Because especially, for the typical goalscorer, football has become increasingly difficult. They are pure specialists. [The] increase in their reputation falls solely with the number of goals.

"Therefore, strikers are basically facing acute criticism if they score no goals. Now, the Spaniards demonstrated at the European Championships, the changes in the style of the team, if the coach does not have adequate strikers available.

"The Spaniards have tried to solve everything playfully. In a system in which each player has to come into play and take part including constantly working, and [to] allow no time-outs.

"This is a very sophisticated system that Barcelona and Spain dominate. Also, the German team has [this]. With Mesut Ozil, Mario Gotze, Marco Reus and Andre Schurrle, a gratifyingly large number of talented, technically skilled players who are available for such a system."

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