I do not fear anyone in football, I will fight - Grosskreutz not willing to give up his Borussia Dortmund place

The local lad stated that he will do his utmost to retain his spot in the BVB starting line-up and that he is not scared of anything when he is on the field of play
Borussia Dortmund winger Kevin Grosskreutz has revealed that he has no fears when on the football pitch and that he will give his all to maintain a key role with the Bundesliga champions.

The 24-year-old played a large part in BVB's double-winning campaign last term but could become marginalised in the forthcoming season with the return to fitness of Mario Gotze and the arrival of Marco Reus from Borussia Monchengladbach.

However, Grosskreutz is adamant that he is not afraid of any rival and that he will do everything he can to be a part of the starting XI.

"I do not fear anyone in football. Anyone who knows me knows that I will fight. I want to play. I will struggle through," he said in an interview with RuhrNachrichten.de.

"As a professional you want to play whenever possible. For anyone it is hard to sit on the bench. Anyone who knows me knows that I always want to play. I always want to make the most of everything.

"Versatility could be my greatest strength. But I will of course prefer to play in my position. My best position is on the left of midfield."

Grosskreutz went on to reveal that he is hopeful of a new contract at Dortmund, but revealed the factors that he considers important in any prospective new club, and admitted the draw of the English Premier League.

"I think that there will be talks during the year. The priority is certainly Borussia Dortmund," he continued.

"They [a new club] must have a tradition behind them. Fans who are passionate about them and push the team forward.

"The referees [in England] don't blow their whistle easily. The players are not complaining all the time on the pitch. You tackle, but you get tackled as well.

"The fans are up close and they sing along. To see this is great fun."