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The trainer believes his team's success speaks well not only for athletics, but culture, although he feels much is left to do. He also revealed he will experiment against France

Germany coach Joachim Low has asserted the progress his team have enjoyed in recent years reflects as well upon society in his country as it does upon the sporting quality being produced at Bundesliga academies.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, the trainer hailed his team's development and admitted that hopes are high in his camp, but warned that there is still plenty left to be done.

"The expectation in our country is very high. In the next few months we must improve upon that which we have achieved," he said.

"This is the burden of a good deed, the height of the fall is correspondingly high. But our players are not afraid of the height. We spent the last two or three years shaping a young, promising team.

"We have shown that we can compete with the world leaders. This team is good for society in terms of integration and mutual respect. We can be just as proud for this as we are of our achievements in sport."

Looking ahead to next Wednesday's friendly with France, Low emphasised that his first priority is not to win, but to give his players experience working in different combinations within his system.

"We will make some changes against France, to get rid of the automation. It will be important for the players to get together and communicate what we work on in training. Of course we want to win, but this is a secondary aspect."

To Low, the result ultimately of the France game will not impact his team's performance at Euro 2012, which he feels has been already shaped in recent years.

"The result plays no role in the Euro. Ultimately, it all starts in the preparation, the groundwork has been laid over the last two or three years. The preparation determines the course of the tournament - not a game in late February."

Germany kick-off against France in Bremen on Wednesday, February 29 at 20.45CET.