Gunter Netzer reveals his admiration for Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness

The 67-year-old has praised his former West Germany team-mate for his dedication and passion for the Bavarian side
Gunter Netzer has revealed his admiration for Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness.

Hoeness represented the Bavarian side for all of his playing career, barring a brief stint at Nurnberg, before going on to act as the club's general manager, and Netzer has said that he has long admired his former team-mate's dedication to the club.

"I've always admired his incredible obsesson, that never-ending energy that he has retained right up until today. He does no harm at all to the club," Netzer told Bild.

"Above everything else stands Uli Hoeness; his unconditional love for FC Bayern which has not subsided to this day."

Netzer went on to praise the way Hoeness handles the club's players.

"The players as Bayern tell you about the way Hoeness treats them. Hoeness takes care of not only the great players, but also has an open ear to the small, often failed footballers."

Hoeness and Netzer were both part of the West Germany squads that won Euro 1972 and the 1974 World Cup.