Bayern Munich legend Gerd Muller went missing for 15 hours - reports

The German club sounded the alarm as Muller was nowhere to be found, with the former striker appearing several hours later in a confused state on Monday evening
Bayern Munich legend Gerd Muller went missing for a total of 15 hours during a training camp in Trento, reports from Italy and Germany claim.

The former West Germany striker, 65, was in the Italian town with Bayern Munich's reserve squad, when he left the Villa Madruzzo hotel, where the team are staying, at 03.00 local time on Monday.

As Muller did not show up at the hotel, the Bayern Munich officials decided to call the police, who found him at 18.00, in a confused and disoriented state, with no recollection of what had happened, on a popular street in Trento.

His wife, Uschi, has reportedly travelled to Trento to pick him up and both are understood to have returned to Munich already.

Muller, nicknamed 'The Bomber', is one of the most prolific strikers of all-time. He spent 15 years at Bayern Munich, scoring nearly 400 goals.

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