Klinsmann: Bayern Have Only Pride To Play For

Bayern Munich may be facing a huge task to stay in the Champions League, so coach Jurgen Klinsmann has given his team a more realistic ambition...

Jurgen Klinsmann wants Bayern Munich to go out of the Champions League with their heads held high as he called on his players to produce a memorable second leg performance against Barcelona.

The Bavarian club's coach believes that bouncing back from the four-goal first-leg defeat would be virtually impossible and instead called for the team to play for honour.

Bayern have been criticised heavily for their performance in the opening game against Barça in Camp Nou last week and Klinsmann is keen for them to show that they have learned from it.

"After what we have been through in Barcelona we will not start dreaming and say we will fire four or five goals past them but it would be great to beat that team," he told reporters.

"We want to beat Barcelona so that we say goodbye with respect and in a proper way. We want to show passion and fighting spirit to our fans and offer a good game to restore our relationship.

"It is all about showing where the team is in relation to this top competition.

"For us, it's very important to learn against a team like Barcelona. They showed us our limits, but it's also good to compare our team to theirs and see where we have to improve."

Lucas Brown, Goal.com