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Johor FC takes an exclusive look at the 14 teams participating in the 2012 Malaysian Super League

By Avineshwaran Taharumalengam

Being one of the pioneer teams in the nation, Johor FC is a well established household name in the Malaysian Super League.

Mohd Zamir Selamat, Mohd Fazli Paat, Mohd Anis Faron Mohd Arsidi


Mohd Badrul Khalid, Ismail Suboh, Mohd Izuan Jarudin, Mohd Khairi Kiman, Mohd Khaironnisam Sahabuddin, Shafizan Hashim


Mohd Khairul Ismail, Eddy Helmy Abdul Manan, Mohd Riduwan Ma'on, Azi Shahril Azmi, Mohd Syazwan Zainon, , Ahmad Fauzi Shaari, Jasazrin Jamaluddin


Shahrizal Saad, Mohd Farid Ideris, Fandi Bin Ahmad, Mohd Zamri Chin, Mohd Haris Safwan Kamal

The team that was once dubbed as the ‘Chievo’ of Malaysia, has undergone a period of decline in recent times although this season, things could be a little different.

The 2012 season looks promising with a new and experienced coach on board the team in the form of K. Devan. The ex-Selangor boss has been drafted in to chart the fortunes of Johor FC and based on pre-season efforts, the tide may be finally changing for the Pasir Gudang based side.

Several key signings have been made to bolster the squad with the likes of Khaironnisam Sahabuddin, Shafizan Hashim, Azi Shahril Azmi and Zamri Chin all being snapped up during the transfer window. K. Devan has already revealed the freedom given to him on squad matters and it appears that he has been meticulously selecting his squad for the upcoming season.

But their attempt was halted after their two import signings, Tiago Azulao and Tito Fernando were not approved by the FAM for apparently not matching the criteria set by national football body. An appeal has been submitted with K. Devan being left to rue the decision, after both players impressed during their trials.

To ease that burden, players like Eddi Helmy Abdul Manan, Sharizal Saad and Mohd Khairi Kiman would have to buck up and accept more responsibility if Johor FC have intentions of challenging for honours this season.

The Bees will head into the season as darkhorses with their coach being renowned for his ability to bring out the best in whatever team under him. His track record with Kuala Muda Naza, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor does speak out loud but things could be difficult if their appeal for the foreign players are not approved.

JOHOR FC | Fact File

Super League
FA Cup
Second Round
Malaysia Cup
Group Stages
Home Stadium
JCorp Stadium, Pasir Gudang, Johor
Team Colours
Orange (H), Green (A)
2012 Verdict
Strugglers Malaysia and Singapore editions will be launched later this month.
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