Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona disappointed with lack of professionalism in UAE Pro-League

The Argentine has used his latest press conference to vent his frustrations on the lack of organisation when it comes to his players juggling work and football

Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona has criticised the lack of professionalism that is affecting his side as they prepare for their UAE Pro-League opener against Sharjah.

Maradona expressed his disappointment at the lack of organisation in the competition and wants to improve the difficult situation for his part-time footballers, who also have day jobs and university commitments.

“There is a lack of professionalism,” the Argentine told reporters. “The amount of players who turn up for training is inconsistent; sometimes there are 16 players, sometimes there are 24.

“I don’t mean the players don’t show up, but it is due to them having jobs. Some players are students, some players are in the police, some players are in the army.

"So sometimes these players are tired and cannot perform well in training and that is something that disturbs me."

The Argentina 2010 World Cup coach said that he asked club chairman Marwan bin Bayat to re-locate players closer to the ground but was knocked back.

“I have spoken to Mr Marwan about this, to try and bring some of those players that are from other Emirates closer to the club, closer to Dubai but it cannot be done,” he said.

“That surprised me because in Argentina this is quite easy to do, but not in Dubai. I’m trying my best to deal with the matter but I want a better situation when it comes to the players.”

In an attempt to make things easier on his players, the former World Cup winner has asked university professors to re-schedule their classes around the club’s training sessions and has invited military and police personnel to watch the games at his expense.