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The winger has struggled since leaving Catalunya for Stamford Bridge, and took the opportunity to take a picture with old team-mate Jordi Alba during his time in the city


Pedro's current indifferent form, added to Chelsea's woes in the Premier League, are enough to leave even the most hardened traveller feeling rather homesick. 

So when the ex-Barcelona winger came back to his former stamping ground, he made sure to make time for some old friends at the Camp Nou.

Jordi Alba used his Instagram account to show off a picture of the pair lounging on a massive sofa, and Pedro was all smiles in the Catalan city - a far cry from the forlorn, frustrated figure he has struck at times at Stamford Bridge.


A photo posted by Jordi Alba (@jordialbaoficial) onJan 25, 2016 at 12:09pm PST

"A great visit from my brother Pedro," Jordi wrote next to the photo.

"I miss you so much friend, you're a great guy!" 

With the season back in full flow in Spain and now England, Pedro may not get too many chances to visit his Barca mates - unless, of course, the Champions League gives him the opportunity to make a not-so-friendly visit...