Manchester City's involvement in New York FC will benefit MLS, says Roxburgh

The MLS outfit's chief thinks the creation of New York FC will bring more healthy competition to the city, adding to the Red Bulls and baseball giants the New York Yankees
New York Red Bulls' sporting director, Andy Roxburgh, believes the involvement of Manchester City with New York FC will add more to the rivalry between the two sporting outfits and the MLS as a whole.

The Premier League runners-up teamed up with the New York Yankees to create the new MLS franchise ahead of a 2015 implementation into the league.

And Roxburgh feels the presence of another New York-based sports team can only be beneficial to the city, with the pull of the English top-flight club attracting fans to the new franchise.

"From a sporting point of view - I can't talk from a business point of view - we are delighted about it," Roxburgh told reporters. "Our reaction was 'great' because they will be a big rival. It is competition and that's fine.

"Two big teams in one town; some people might think it is bad news but it isn't bad news from a football point of view. Whether it is Liverpool and Everton or Rangers and Celtic; those are big rivalries.

"They will try to take our fans but in this region - New York and New Jersey - you are talking about millions and millions of people so there is plenty of room for two teams.

"The biggest problem is the other sports, they take thousands of people. So yes, [New York FC] will compete for the youth players but competition never harmed anybody."