Mo'ayyad Abu Keshek pay complaint sent to Fifa Dispute Resolution Chamber

The Jordan international is seeking compensation following his bungled transfer from Al Faisaly to Al Nasr, which would set a legal precedent in the Arab world
By Ahmed Atta

Jordan international Mo'ayyad Abu Keshek's lawyer has revealed Fifa will pass his complaint to the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) as he seeks $140,000 (€114,000) worth of compensation following a bungled transfer.

Abu Keshek, 30, made the complaint after his proposed move from Jordan's Al Faisaly to Kuwaiti outfit Al Nasr fell through midway through the 2010-11 season.

It is claimed the transfer didn't officially occur as the two clubs failed to properly co-ordinate the use of the new electronic transfer system required by Fifa. Abu Keshek was forced to miss three months of football due to the bungled transfer and that is what the player is seeking compensation for.

The striker's lawyer, Emad Hanayna, told that he had received a response from Fifa after tabling the complaint, informing him that the case was being referred to the DRC. The case will be overseen by three judges; an English, South African and Argentine.

Hanayna clarified Abu Keshek was seeking $140,000 (€114,000) compensation for the $80,000 value of the contract and $60,000 for the harm to his career of not playing for three months.

"The decision will be made in less than a month and is a legal precedent in the Arab world," Hanayna said.

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