Al Wasl boss Maradona labels Al Ain coach Olaroiu as "very impolite"

The two UAE Pro-League coaches had a verbal due back in November, but the Argentine insists it won't affect Saturday's game although he clearly hasn't forgiven his opponent
Al Wasl coach Diego Maradona has called Al Ain boss Cosmin Olaroiu a "rude and impolite" person ahead of Saturday's UAE Pro-League clash between the two clubs.

Maradona and Olaroiu had a heated altercation in November with the Romanian claiming at the post-game press conference the Argentine doesn't always have a "clear mind" due to his past drug-taking ways.

And while the Al Wasl boss admitted the tension between the two remained, he insisted it wouldn't affect Saturday's game. However, Maradona still labelled Olaroiu "rude and impolite".

"What happened outside the pitch between myself or the team and Cosmin will not affect anything on Saturday. It will not affect our players or our game," Maradona told reporters.

"I do not blame any players from Al Ain. Also, personally, I don't think I can be blamed for anything that happened.

"It was purely one-sided from the Al Ain coach. What he said and did was very rude, and he is a very impolite person."

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