Cedars captain Roda Antar blames Lebanese media for UAE defeat

The suspended skipper slammed the constant pressure applied by the Lebanese media claiming they're the reason for their 4-2 defeat in Abu Dhabi
Roda Antar has lashed out at the Lebanese media for putting too much pressure on ihs squad ahead of their clash with the UAE which they lost 4-2 in Abu Dhabi.

The Cedars captain, who was suspended for the clash, travelled with the team to UAE and despite the fact they qualified for the fourth and final round of qualifiers, lashed out at the Lebanese media who followed the team.

"We are glad to reach the final stage of World Cup qualifying, we are happy without a doubt this achievement unique, but today's match against UAE were not easy at all," he told reporters.

"The team did not perform the way they should have, and there were many reasons which were contributors to the loss."

He continued: "Among those reasons, pressure exerted by the Lebanese media.

"When we arrived in UAE, there were more than 70 journalists at the hotel where we were staying, as well as fans."

Antar has urged the Lebanese Football Association to take a stand in protecting their players from such exposure.

"We must be allocated closed camp away from such an atmosphere so that we can work quietly and offer the level of a good quality that we did in the playoffs," he said.

"I have not seen anything like this happen 11 years, ever since I became a professional in football interest and pressure has never been as high as it was ahead of the UAE match, things were over the top, it's not natural at all. "