Football Association of Thailand denies reports of Iraq friendly in September

The Thais' football governing body has stated the reported friendly match against Iraq won't happen due to a clash with local league's schedule
Football Association of Thailand (FAT) has denied reports of agreeing a friendly game against Iraq in Bangkok on September 1.

The FAT general secretary Ong-art Korsinkha confirmed that the warm-up match against the 2007 Asian Cup winners is unlikely to be held due to schedule issues with the Thai Premier League.

"That is impossible. That day is filled with league games. We are looking for some stretching match but not at that day and not Iraq," Ong-art told Thailand.

However, he claimed that the FAT will arrange some friendly matches including a clash with Myanmar after the local schedule is completed as part of their preparation ahead of the 2012 AFF Cup.

"We could not be relaxed and ready for the warm-up in September. But, we have asked Myanmar to play with us," he said.

Thailand coach Winfried Schafer has previously made it clear he wants plenty of warm-up games for the AFF Cup which it will co-host with Malaysia in late November and December.

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