Dani Alves: Racism is not supposed to happen in First World countries

The Barcelona and Brazil star says the abuse he suffered at the weekend illustrated that Spain still has a lot of work to do

Barcelona defender Dani Alves says the racist abuse he received at Villarreal should be unacceptable in modern Spain.

The Brazilian had a banana thrown at him by a spectator during the 3-2 win for his side but responded by eating it.

He insisted after the match that he had become used to such abuse, but has now called on Spain to stamp out the problem once and for all.

"There is a lot of racism [in Spain] towards foreigners," he told Radio Globo.

"We can´t accept this kind of thing, especially in First World countries [like Spain]. Fifa should pay attention to such things."

Several footballers posted pictures of themselves on Twitter eating bananas as a message of support and Alves said he was overwhelmed by the incident.

"It was incredible," added Alves. "An action by someone who didn't consider the consequences. The world is evolving and we must evolve with it."