Lavezzi: 'Simple' guy Messi is simply the best

The Argentine attacker has hailed his international team-mate and claims the Barcelona forward is hugely admired by his colleagues for both his club and his country
Paris Saint-Germain forward Ezequiel Lavezzi believes Argentina team-mate Lionel Messi has earned the respect of his team-mates due to his human qualities as well as his fantastic footballing ability.

Lavezzi, who appeared alongside his compatriot as a team made up of Messi and his friends took on an international side featuring Barcelona's new star signing Neymar in Peru on Tuesday, claims the four-time Ballon d'Or winner is a 'simple' soul off the pitch.

"I think Leo is the best player in the world and he has shown that," the former Napoli forward said. "He shows it every game.

"Who is he? He is a person I had the chance to meet some time ago in the national team; he is a very "simple" person who has the respect  and the great admiration of his team-mates. Above all else he looks for in life, that is the hardest thing to find - but he has it and it is something very valuable, something that says a lot about him."

You can read an interview with Lavezzi in the latest edition of The Green Soccer Journal.