'I was offered money to fix matches' - Bermejo

The 34-year-old has urged fellow players not to give in temptation and turn down cash offers for the sake of the integrity of football
Celta Vigo striker Mario Bermejo has claimed that he has been offered money to fix matches during his career.

Earlier this month, the president of the Spanish Football League, Javier Tebas said that he had "considerable evidence" that a game between Levante and Deportivo La Coruna had been manipulated.

And Bermejo has asserted that he and some colleagues have been offered cash but urged to resist temptation for the sake of the game.

"I will not deny that I have experienced situations of attempted match-fixing. I have been offered money and I know other people who have too," he told reporters.

"What we need to do is to report it and not give into the temptation because it is not good for football, players, fans and it's no good for the sport in general."