Fuentes found guilty in Operacion Puerto case

The doctor at the centre of Spanish's sport's biggest doping scandal has been handed a one-year suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of endangering public health
Eufemiano Fuentes has been handed a 12-month suspended prison sentence and banned as a sports doctor for four years after being found guilty of endangering public health.

The Spaniard has been at the centre of Operacion Puerto, a trial which saw the doctor - along with co-defendants Yolanda Fuentes, Manolo Saiz, Vicente Belda and Ignacio Labarta - officially charged when police found steroids and 200 bags of blood on his premises in 2006.

The identity of whom the blood bags belong to will not be revealed however, Judge Julia Patricia Santamaria revealed on Tuesday, and the contents will be destroyed in the near future.

Mr Fuentes had offered to reveal his full list of clients but the confirmation that the blood bags will not be passed on to other authorities will rile the World Anti-Doping Agency's (Wada), who called for those who dope to be named.

A number of leading cyclists have been implicated in the blood transfusion scandal although sanctions have focused on the medical practitioners behind the doping as opposed to the athletes.

Mr Fuentes had confirmed in January that footballers were among his clients but, if appeals for the blood bags to be kept are ignored, then the clubs and/or players who he worked for could never come to light.

However, Wada president John Fahey told Goal.com that the game was not doing enough to fight doping.

Mr Labarta, a former Kelme cycling team official, was sentenced to four months in prison by the judge but Mr Saiz, Mr Belda (both former figures in the sport) and Ms Fuentes were all acquitted on Tuesday in Madrid.