Barcelona have felt Vilanova absence, says Busquets

The Barcelona midfielder has thanked Jordi Roura for filling in for the 44-year-old, but admits his side have missed the coach

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets has said that his team-mates are eagerly anticipating Tito Vilanova’s return to the dugout.

The 44-year-old has been missing since the turn of the year, when he went to New York City to undergo cancer treatment, but is set to come back to Catalunya shortly.

"We are eager for him to return; he is a cornerstone for us and at this time we have noticed his absence," the Spain star told reporters.

Assistant coach Jordi Roura has been covering for Vilanova, and Busquets feels the 45-year-old has performed admirably.

"We cannot ask for more from Roura, he has shown his face in press conferences in front of us, did what he had to do and he has our appreciation."

Finally, Busquets feels that his side must dominate the midfield battle if they are to beat France in Paris on Tuesday.

"If we are going to win we have control of the ball and play our game, then we will be earn victory. It will be a different atmosphere than the Euros and at the Calderon, but hopefully we will get the three points.”