Valdano: I wish Mourinho would stop protesting

The former player, coach and general manager of Los Blancos has criticised the attitude of the Portuguese and has asked him to refrain from moaning
Jorge Valdano has criticised Jose Mourinho's constant complaining.

The 57-year old believes the stature of the club should stop the Portuguese coach protesting against minor incidents and says that the whinging is a sign of weakness a big club needs to avoid at all costs.

"Protesting is not something that Real Madrid should be doing," he told Cadena SER.

"No big club should be doing that. I saw that show on the other side, at Barcelona, for 25 years. I got the feeling that it weakened them on an institutional level and Real Madrid should not be giving out signals of weakness."

Valdano then went on to discuss his frustrations that figures from the past have often had to defend comments made by current staff.

"Real Madrid are the biggest club of the 20th century," he continued.

"You shouldn't be putting so much emphasis on the result, why not defend the corporate and institutional culture of the club? I prefer the ideals of players and fans from the past. We must defend that prestige."