Nike wins lawsuit against Real Madrid's Ozil

The sports company filed legal action against the Germany international on the foundation of a "matching right" clause in his endorsement contract which expired this past July
Real Madrid man Mesut Ozil faces an €150,000 daily fine if he continues to wear Adidas branded boots on the pitch, a Dutch court ruled on Tuesday, as it interferes with fine-print in his last contract with Nike.

The attacking midfielder has been spotted multiple times this season wearing Adidas football boots, but without the iconic three stripes on the side.

Although Ozil is no longer being endorsed by Nike, they have the right to equal any offer made by potential rival sponsors before the Germany international can legally switch brands.

According to the 24-year-old and his representatives, no contract has been agreed with Adidas. However, the court in Amsterdam has questioned Ozil's motives to start wearing Adidas, finding it unlikely that he would switch boot brands without another deal already being in place.

The court has ruled in favour of Nike and decided that the Los Blancos star must outline any offer presented to him, which would allow Nike to come back with a new offer in return. Failure to do so would result in a €150,000 daily fine.