Messi v Ronaldo: Who delivered the knockout blow this time? weighs up the Clasico duel between the two superstars in Sunday evening's thrilling 2-2 draw between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Who came out on top at Camp Nou? presents a boxing-style head-to-head battle between the Clasico's two key players: Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sunday evening's showdown at Camp Nou in La Liga, which ended in a pulsating 2-2 draw, saw Messi and Ronaldo face off for the third time this season. Who came out on top in the personal duel?

Here's a reminder of how the two players are scored:
  • If there is little to separate the two players in a round they will be scored 10-10. A narrow win in a round, where there are no goals in the match involving the pair, will produce a 10-9. If Messi scores a goal in a round, and Ronaldo doesn’t, the Argentine will win that round 10-8. If Messi scores twice, and Ronaldo doesn’t, he will win 10-7.
  • The same system is used for assists and for winning a penalty. So if in a round, Ronaldo creates a goal and wins a penalty (without taking the penalty), while Messi does nothing of note, then Ronaldo wins that round 10-7.
  • A yellow card results in a one-point deduction. A dive in the penalty area or just outside that is penalised by the referee will lose a player a point too.
  • At least one of the two players will always be awarded a 10 for a round unless both get booked in the same round, which will result in a 9-9. Should one of the two players be sent off, then it will result in a Knockout victory for the other player providing he is not also red carded later in the match.

Please recognise that these values are different to's Player Ratings, and designed to reflect the one-on-one, combat-style judging of a boxing bout. 

Let's go! 


3': Receives the ball from Xavi's knock-back, but is soon closed down by a sea of white shirts while trying to fashion an angle for himself
8': The ball is played into the Argentine's path, but he elects to leave it, wrongly assuming there is a team-mate to his left
Refuses the opportunity to go down under a Ramos challenge after going on a weaving dribble, and lays it off to Iniesta


10 4': Darts down the left wing and draws a foul from Dani Alves
8': Plays a cunning through ball to Khedira, but Adriano gets across to make a good interception
Swings in a great ball from the right to Benzema, who sweeps at the ball, only to fail to make a clean connection
18': Almost plays an astonishing ball through Khedira's legs, but sees it intercepted by the Madrid back line
22': Tries to string through a cute ball into the left-wing channel, Arbeloa does well it cut it out

8 16-30
10 23': GOAL - The Portuguese collects a Benzema pass just inside the box, and swings a left boot at it, beating Victor Valdes at the near post
27': Starts a counterattack down the left wing, but stops in his tracks and lays on possession for Ozil
31': GOAL - Shows a striker's instinct by capitalising on a mix-up in the Madrid penalty area and smashing the ball home from close range
45': Collects the ball about 30 yards from goal, weaves past Ozil and draws a foul from his fellow No.10

10 31-45
Wins the ball in midfield, showcases some neat step-overs on the left wing and draws a foul from Mascherano
45': Tries to take a cross-field ball down on his chest, but fails to prevent it from drifting out of play

28 Half

: Charges down the right, cuts inside and puts in a brilliant ball to the far post which is heroically intercepted by Arbeloa
58': Draws a foul from Alonso with some trademark quick feet and wins a free kick about 30 yards from goal


10 54': Goes on a thrilling run through the Barca half, but is hacked down by Busquets
55': SHOT - Ronaldo takes the resulting free kick himself, but blasts it straight into the wall
58': Outpaces Montoya down the left and tries to play it to Benzema, but his cross is well over-hit

GOAL - Curls a magnificent free kick straight into the top corner - Casillas had no chance
70': SHOT - Alba lays it back to Messi, who is placed just inside the Madrid box and tries to chip it into the far corner, but sends his effort just wide
74': Glides across the Madrid back line and slips in Iniesta, who wins a corner with a fantastic ball across the face of goal
75': Twists and turns on the edge of the area before being tripped by Arbeloa around 25 yards out

10 61-75
10 63': Attempts the impossible: bicycle kicking a corner into the net, but falls flat on his back
66': GOAL - Beats the offside trap to latch onto Ozil's perfectly-weighted ball and finish coolly past Valdes
68': SHOT - Pivots on the edge of the box and manages to force away an effort which is easily blocked
 78': Tries to pick out Alexis on the left-wing channel, but the Chilean is controversially called offside
89': Has a great chance to set up a winner on the break, but places his pass too far ahead of Pedro
90': Athletically takes down the ball on the edge of the area, but is brought down cynically by Arbeloa
10 76-90
84': Ronaldo is too slick for the Barcelona defenders, weaving between two Blaugrana shirts, before being hacked down by Mascherano