Michel: It's more about Sevilla winning than Real Madrid losing

The Rojiblancos boss says the focus is too much on why Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. lost and there is not enough talk about why his team won
Sevilla coach Michel has blasted the media treatment of his team's 1-0 victory over Real Madrid, saying that his side are deserving of far more praise.

The 49-year-old was full of praise for his team and is tired of seeing all of the attention going to Spain's big two instead of their opponents every time points are dropped by the Spanish giants.

"When Madrid or Barca don't win everyone talks about the defeat," he told AS. "But you have to look at the game in terms of Sevilla beating Madrid.

"The Sevilla players deserve the headlines, and now we have to look forward and think about what we can do this season.

"I told them that [they are the ones who have turned things around], but with the wave of pessimism floating around they found it hard to believe."

The 49-year-old then went on to discuss his decision to use Hedwiges Maduro in midfield and Andres Palop in goal instead of Diego Lopez.

"I'm lucky enough to have Palop and Lopez, the kind of options not all trainers have. The competition for places is fierce, just look at [Antonio] Luna, who came on in the second half, or Maduro from the start.

"Diego went up and congratulated Palop at the end and that tells you a lot about the group of players we have. That's really important for Sevilla to move forward."

Sevilla now look to September 22 when they square off against Deportivo in Round 5 of La Liga fixtures.