Fabregas: I never really got to grips with Guardiola's system

The midfielder had a difficult year at the Catalans last term, and feels that his problems were mainly down to the high demands of the successful coach's style of play
Cesc Fabregas has admitted that he struggled to adapt at Barcelona last season because of Pep Guardiola's system.

The Spain international left Arsenal for Camp Nou in the summer of 2011, but had a tough time living up to the high expectations, and he has now stated that the lack of freedom in the 41-year-old's formation hindered him.

"Under Guardiola I never really got to grips with the system," the 25-year-old explained to Marca.

"I had been playing another style of football and to take on board so much so quickly was difficult, because everyone else had already got it down.

"Playing in central midfield was hard for me because I need more mobility and I am not quick off the mark in the first few metres.

"I am not asking for anything, but that is my way of playing. It is true that I am a bit anarchic, but that is my style. Some people commented that I lacked something last season, including Guardiola.

"It was my fault really because I tried to be what I am not; I am not Xavi, [Andres] Iniesta, or Thiago [Alcantara]. I am me and I need mobility, to participate more."

Fabregas netted nine goals in 28 Liga appearances last season.

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