Busquets is like Riquelme, says Bianchi

The former Boca Juniors coach has hailed the midfielder's role in Barcelona's success, and added that the Catalans have played a key role in Spain's recent triumphs
Former Argentina international Carlos Bianchi has taken the time to praise Sergio Busquets, who he feels the Barcelona midfielder rarely puts in a bad performance.

The ex-Stade de Reims forward feels that the Spain international can direct the pace of the game due to his footballing intelligence, and even compared him to Boca Juniors legend Juan Roman Riquelme.

"Like Riquelme, Busquets can speed up the game not by his own speed, but by his intelligence. He rarely plays bad," the 63-year-old told ESPN.

Bianchi then voiced his opinion that Barcelona play a key role in Spain's recent successes as both teams are on top of their game in the same era.

"It's no coincidence that the best Spain in history comes at the same time as the best Barca in history."

La Roja became the first international team in history to win three major tournaments in succession by beating Italy 4-0 in the Euro 2012 final.