Barcelona are angry at RFEF decision, says spokesperson

The Blaugrana official claims Mourinho should face disciplinary action for gouging Tito Vilanova's eye and reveals the club have requested changes to the federation's structure
Barcelona spokesperson Toni Freixa has conceded that his side are unhappy with the decision made by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to lift the Supercopa ban imposed on Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho.

The governing body announced on Tuesday that it had decided to revoke the suspensions of both the Portuguese and Barca coach Tito Vilanova ahead of next season's Spanish curtain-raiser.

Freixa has branded the RFEF's decision as unacceptable and subsequently is now demanding changes to how the organisation reacts to such controversy in the future.

"We think that an offence like that of Mourinho cannot go unpunished," Freixa told a press conference.

"The Committee's opinion is that it was not a serious offence, but it was a very severe action, one of treachery, that everyone saw. But together with our team, we have decided not to appeal against it.

"We are angry, we do not agree with the federation's decision. We have formally asked the federation for the creation of a working group or a commission to regulate how pardons like these can be handed out.

"We also think the way in which the committee and the disciplinary body are composed must be improved."

Freixa then took a swipe at Madrid director Emilio Butragueno, who stated on Tuesday that Barca had been "protagonists" in a similar case previously.

"It would be convenient when someone talks about something that they know what they are talking about," the Barca official added.

"Barca have never had a pardon for an action like the one that Mourinho performed."