I have f***** up personal problems, says Parejo after failed breathalyser test

The former Getafe player came close to being arrested after a drink-driving incident but has escaped with points on his license and he will be expected to pay a fine

Valencia midfielder Dani Parejo has apologised after failing a breathalyser test in the early hours of Friday morning and claims it happened due to him having "f****d up personal problems".

The former Getafe man was pulled over in his car by police at around 05.45CET on Friday after visiting a local nightclub and, although over the legal limit, he was not arrested.

Parejo will however, receive a fine and three points on his driving license, and he spoke at a specially organised press conference to explain his actions.

"I want to first apologise to the coach, the president, my colleagues and especially the fans for what happened last night. Also I want to say that I have f****d up personal problems," he told reporters.

"This will not happen again. I'm a guy that who is not problematic, whether it be here [Valencia] or anywhere else I've been. It happened once and it will not happen again. My most sincere regrets."

The club have yet to confirm whether they will punish the player and it is expected Parejo will not be feature in their league match versus Villarreal on Saturday.