Evaristo: Neymar should choose Barcelona over Real Madrid

The former Brazil international, who featured for both clubs during his illustrious playing career, believes that his compatriot would be better served by moving to Camp Nou
Evaristo believes that Neymar should join Barcelona rather than Real Madrid when he decides to part company with current club Santos.

The former Brazil international played for both Spanish giants during his illustrious playing career and feels that the in-demand forward is a perfect fit for the Catalans.

"It would be better for Neymar to sign for Barcelona than Madrid," Evaristo stated during an interview with Sport.

"Barcelona plays more like a unit and Madrid is more about individuality. Neymar would do very well in Barcelona and it would be better for him to go there."

Evaristo also dismissed the notion that Barca would struggle to accommodate Neymar in a forward line which is built around Lionel Messi.

"Messi and Neymar are compatible," the 78-year-old argued. "There would be no problem; he would only double the good work that Messi does.

"They would be fantastic. Messi would help Neymar just as Neymar would help Messi."

Evaristo admitted, though, that the diminutive Argentine does not need much help, believing him to be a superior player to Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Messi is a great individual, very strong," he said. "Cristiano is a goal-scorer, not a player who makes plays. In front of goal he is very dangerous."

Evaristo enjoyed a successful five-year stint at Barcelona before departing for Madrid in 1962.

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