Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho rules out coaching in Germany

The Portuguese tactician says that he would "love" to work in the Bundesliga one day but admits that the language barrier puts him off from that adventure

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has ruled himself out of coaching a team in Germany, explaining that his inability to speak German would pose a problem.

The Portuguese tactician has been in charge of first division teams in four major leagues in Europe – Porto in Portugal, Chelsea in England, Inter in Italy and Madrid in Spain – and has won silverware with all of them.

The 48-year-old is now in his second season at the Santiago Bernabeu and appears to be settled after being given more control at the club since the summer.

However, speculation on Mourinho’s future continues and there have been suggestions that he could coach a club in the Bundesliga in the future. Mourinho, though, has dismissed the idea.

"I'm not the kind of coach who stays at the same club in the same country for life," he said in an interview with Sport Bild.

"It's something that makes me better, the fact that I'm in my fourth different country. And working in countries like Italy, Spain and England makes you better and better."

"I'd love it [to work in Germany] but to be fair, it's very important in my skills as a coach to know the language," he continued.

"To communicate with the players, to be with the press in a very comfortable way because the media are a very important part of our job and I'd think I wouldn't be at the top of my potential working in Germany, so it's out of my mind."

"But because of the quality of the game and of many things I understand in German football, yes I would like it."